Therefore Information Management

Therefore™ information management software enables you to store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organization.

What is Therefore™?

Therefore™ is Canon’s premier-exclusive information management, workflow and business analytics platform designed to help employees achieve numerous gains in efficiency and productivity, while decreasing time spent on burdensome administrative tasks and paper intensive processes.  This is done by transforming paper-based document and business processes into electronic records and digital workflows. The end result is improved productivity, allowing employees’ resources to be redirected towards more strategic, rewarding work.


Like Today’s Workforce, Therefore Online Works In The Office And At Home

With Therefore™, all important information is kept in one location and can be accessed with security features from any compatible mobile phone or tablet, a web browser, or even taken offline and synchronized once reconnected to the server.


Your documents don’t work alone, so why should your document management system?

We know documents and processes frequently consist of groups of documents that should be treated together to maximize the visibility and understanding of a case or record. For example, a purchase order, a delivery note and an invoice are related to one another and together tell a full story. Or, an HR case can be built to store an employee’s full records: CV, annual review, certifications and more.

You want to be able to view these documents, quickly see what has arrived and what’s still missing, and process them in connection to each other. And, of course, you can easily design workflows around all the documents in the case, or a single document.


Capture, Organize and Management

Help free your organization of paper and enable your business processes to flow electronically. We offer a wide selection of tools to help capture, organize and manage your information.

Increase Email Efficiency

Our selection of solutions make email more secure, traceable, and accessible. Emails can be better connected to the information flowing throughout your organization, helping you improve customer service, accelerate turnaround and reduce errors.



Therefore™ makes it easier than ever to access the key analytics of your business processes.

Analytic information is vital for a company’s economic success and helps detect certain flaws or bottlenecks that need to be improved. Maximize the use of your Therefore™ system by getting real time analytics for all your business processes.

Get the information most interesting to you, such as invoice processing time, sales reports, and more. It’s possible to receive information on the performance of workflows, including the number of invoices processed each week or month, the average processing time for a workflow, and the number of instances processed by each user.


Easy To Use E-Forms

You can create electronic, dynamic forms directly with Therefore™. Forms can be used to gather information from either internal or external parties, and be embedded in websites or external platforms. No scripting required, just drag and drop to create a form in seconds!

Streamline Business Tasks

Therefore™ Workflow enables you to digitize your business processes. By moving away from a physical, paper-based process, your organization can continue to increase productivity and efficiency, even when working in hybrid environments. 

No server, no problem! With Therefore™ Online, you can capture all the benefits of information management, minus the hassle and upfront costs of owning and maintaining a server!

Therefore™ Online offers a secure, hosted solution on Microsoft Azure. With geo-redundant datacenters located in Europe, Asia, America and Australia and automatic, regular updates, we can afford our customers the highest level of security and service.

Customers using Therefore™ Online experience the same features and user interface as those using a traditional in-house server.



In the Palm Of Your Hand

With Therefore™, all important information can be kept in one location and can be accessed with security features from any compatible mobile phone or tablet, a web browser, or even taken offline and synchronized once reconnected to the server.

Secure Your Information

Helping ensure your information is secure is a core tenant of Therefore™ software.

We offer multiple features to ensure your information is always secure unauthorized access, and correctly backed up and fully auditable.

Sign With Confidence

Therefore™ can integrate with a number of 3rd Party E-Signature signing services including HelloSign, DocuSign, Simple Sign, and more. By digitizing the signing process, e-signature providers eliminate the need for cumbersome printing, sending, and retrieval of signed documents.

Seamless Connectivity

Therefore™ can integrate with many other software solutions to increase the value of both products and make work processes more efficient. The key behind these useful integrations is the Therefore™ API, a powerful tool for expanding the functionality of the Therefore™ system and integrating it with third-party solutions.

Are paper-based processes slowing your business down? Do you want to automate the administrative work of your company so you can focus on growth and your core business? If so, Therefore™ is the ideal solution for you!

We get it. It’s tough to be a small or medium-sized enterprise in today’s global economy. Fierce competition and the ever-increasing role technology plays in the marketplace can make it difficult to stay afloat. But what if there were a way to combat the challenges faced by SMBs – the true, honest backbone of all economies?