Jim Mayer
Output Management Team (OMT)

“AT&T has a long-term relationship (approximately 20 years) with USA Datafax as a primary supplier of office machines and MFPs. Over the years USA Datafax has installed and serviced thousands of devices, including ledger (11X17) MFPs. Their service and problem solving has been exemplary, provided by an experienced and personable technical staff. Their device availability has been excellent, averaging under 2 weeks, and their warranty service has been virtually immediate. We’ve seen many other office equipment providers come and go, but USA Datafax seems to have found the secret of longevity: Good product availability at competitive pricing, Excellent maintenance whenever needed, and Personable customer service

Tim Collins
Senior Director, IT

“We have been working with USA Datafax since June 2005. We initially contracted with them to help us solve the problems we were having with printers at our restaurants. Printers were very diffult to troubleshoot over the phone, store managers had to go to the store to buy ink cartridges as they ran out, and we had multiple types of printers in the field. USA Datafax designed a program for us that replaced all of the printers with a laser printer and they managed all maintenance and proactively sent toner to the restaurants before tehy ran out. The rollout of this program was a huge success. We ended up keeping these printers in place for 4 1/2 years. At the end of the program, we signed on for another three years and rolled out a new printer.”

“USA Datafax has been very good to work with. When restaurants call them for support, they are very responsive. We’ve done two rollouts with them and both went very smoothly. Currently, we have 162 restaurants with printers that they are supporting.”

“I would higly recommend USA Datafax.”

Chris Polito
Systems Administrator

“We have been using USA Datafax for all of our printing equipment needs since day one. Their sales and technical support staff are second to none. Unlike other companies that I have dealt with in the past, USA Datafax pays attention to my company’s needs and does not focus on pushing the expensive “extras” that would never be used. When equipment paper jams and malfunctions do occur, Dixie (dispatch) is always there to offer suggestions on how to fix the issue immediately without having to wait on a service tech. We are now on our 4th copier from USA Datafax and couldn’t imagine going with any other company to supply equipment, supplies, or support. I would and do recommend USA Datafax to all of my peers and contacts. Their knowledge of the industry and attention to individual detail are rare to find amongst businesses in the similar field.”

David Duba
Owner of the Firehouse – Allen, TX

“The people at USA Datafax are great to work with! They have helped us with our office equipment for over five years and have always been friendly, knowledgeable and competitively priced. I highly recommend USA Datafax for all of your office equipment products and service needs.”

Stephanie McClusky
A/R Specialist

“I have been a customer of USA Datafax for over 10 years and would not buy my fax machines, copiers or printers from anyone else. Their customer service is outstanding and the response time for service calls is less than 4 hours. A great family owned business, wouldn’t go anywhere else. “