Copier Rentals and Flex Financing

USA Datafax specializes in unique and flexible payment options.  We work with various 3rd party partners including Great American Leasing and GE Financial Services and also offer in-house options including long and short term rentals.  We’ll make every effort to work with you to fund the equipment you require. 

We also have active partnerships with various online EDI procurement services such as Ariba, DSSI Net and CoreExpand and are more than willing to customize to your procurement requirements. 

Call or contact us today to find out more about our fincance options and look for articles in our knowledge base under Basics of Leasing.

Great America Leasing Corporation

The Office Equipment Group develops long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with providers of document and mailing solutions. We use a consultative approach combined with superior industry knowledge to understand their specific needs. Our teams develop innovative, customized solutions/tools to help our partners achieve greater success and keep their customers for a lifetime.

How We Are Different

We focus on helping office equipment dealers and resellers operate their businesses in a way that makes them more successful. We specialize in the administration of printer fleet management programs and provide associated value-add tools and training. A no-voicemail policy ensures intimate contact between our dealers and their dedicated GreatAmerica teams.

GE Capital

From heavy machinery to light jets, car fleets to copiers, GE Capital, Americas provides equipment leasing, financing and other services to deliver significant benefits related to economics, liquidity, cash flow, financial management and capital creation.

Whether you’re looking to optimize depreciation, lower your monthly payments or monetize fixed assets, we’ll help you bolster your bottom line, meet your commitments and thrive in the marketplace.

Our products and services are tailored with flexible structure and payment terms to match your needs and goals.