Managed Print Services – Dallas / Fort Worth Area

We were providing managed print services before “MPS” was cool! Now MPS is the buzzword everyone is talking about in our industry. Many can talk about it, some can sell it, but very few can deliver it the way we can. USA Datafax Inc has a long proud history of managing printer fleets for enterprise and small businesses alike. In the last five years, advancements in technology of remote monitoring and management software have made our programs even more efficient and valuable. We’ve also developed new national partner relationships with Carbon 6 by Supplies Network and Total Managed Print by Okidata giving us even more to offer.

What We Do

Our process is simple and painless. We take printer hassles and supply management out of your hair so you can focus on your business. If that weren’t enough, we typically can reduce your printing costs by up to 30%.

The first step is a no charge assessment of your current print environment. This includes installation of a data collection software application and a walkthrough of your facility. We’ll gather information from you and your staff and determine where consolidation makes since and where it may not. We’ll look at total cost of ownership of your existing fleet and determine the viability and value of keeping equipment versus replacing it with newer equipment. Within 30 days of our initial assessment, we can provide a full proposal illustrating clearly the benefits of our program and contrast it with your current situation.

Once we have your blessing, we’ll database your fleet in our system to include location / site name as you dictate including our toll free support number on each device with a 6 digit reference id specific to that device. We’ll monitor print usage via the data collection software we installed previously or by monthly or quarterly walkthroughs for non -networked equipment. Supplies will be auto shipped to your facility based on usage and page coverage on a “just in time” basis eliminating the need to stock excessive inventory or rush emergency supply orders. We’ll provide removal of your used consumables and ensure they are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. We’ll also be alerted of any service requests and can provide 4 hr. onsite service in most areas or overnight exchange anywhere in the continental US. We’ll work with you on printer management or workflow software as required to ensure documents are printed to the most efficient device and tracked as needed. From this point on, we’re your dedicated print partner and will work closely with you to ensure your fleet is running at optimal efficiency.

With our flexible billing methods we invoice you the way you want. We can bill quarterly, monthly, per device cost per page, blended cost per page of all devices, per toner or any combination you request. For a fleet refresh we work with the industries’ best leasing companies and can tailor financing to you. Call or contact us today for a free assessment.

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  • Reduce printing costs and downtime
  • Eliminate excessive and obsolete supply inventory
  • Eliminate overnight shipping charges and fire drills
  • Predictable monthly or quarterly billing
  • Improve workflow and worker efficiency
  • Help the environment with our recycling program, reduced energy consumption, duplex printing and workflow solutions.
  • Follow Me Print secure printing and tracking
  • Smart Software print audit and management tools

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