IT Services Plano, Texas

Contact Usa Datafax, Inc today for a free consultation with a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist!  We offer hourly on-site services, remote and telephone support, discounted time blocks and annual maintenance agreements customized to your needs.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans: 

At USA Datafax, we offer complete backup and disaster recovery plans which insure that your valuable data protected.  Our backup solutions take snapshots of entire servers and workstations every 15 minutes.  Whether you need one file restored or an entire server, we can accomplish this within minutes, not hours, or days.  In the event that a server is no longer usable we can seamlessly transition this server’s duties to replacement hardware, and it will be as though nothing in your computing environment has changed.


Virtualization is the way of the future of computing and is a great way to add an extra layer of flexibility to your computing environment. 

  • Eliminate single points of failure.
  • Provide greater scalability.
  • Consolidate servers and save.
    • Save on hardware costs associated with maintaining more physical servers.
    • Save on space.
    • Save power by running fewer servers.
    • Save power by cooling fewer servers.

  • Custom Routers: 

    USA Datafax builds custom routers with extensive feature sets which parallel those of commercially produced routers at a fraction of the cost.

    • Redundant hardware protection that can keep your company online in the event of a router failure.
    • Redundant internet connections can keep your company online in the event of an isp failure
    • Vpn with unlimited users