Green Initiatives

USA Datafax Inc. is committed to offering products and services that contribute to environmental sustainability. Along with our own long standing in-office policies of recycling we now offer programs and products to our customers that help save energy and contribute to a cleaner environment.

A key element of our MPS and Document Solution program is the reduction of waste. By eliminating devices and working more efficient, significant reduction in energy use and paper can be achieved. Product features like Energy Star compliancy, auto duplex printing, scanning, and toner save settings not only save you money, but also the environment.

We also now offer cartridge recycling to our customers at no additional charge. This ensures used toner cartridges do not end up in landfills but are instead re-cycled either as future toner cartridges or by components such as metal and plastics in the most environmentally friendly way. We also have equipment recycling programs available – old printers are either re-purposed or recycled by individual components.

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