Questys WFx helps your organization with business processes process management (BPM) and workflow approval routing.

Streamline your organization's processes with an automated workflow solutions. Easily define processes in a graphical designer, automate task notifiation, and track every action with the click of your mouse.

Questys WorkStream workflow software includes a full complement of business process re-engineering, workflow process definition, and workflow management capabilities. It facilitates the definition of workflow templates for different projects, initiation of projects, resource allocation, status monitoring and control. All templates are user defined in a simple GUI interface...if you can define it and draw it, WorkStream can track it.

Easing the challenge of bringing records, tasks, and employess together, Questys WorkStream Business Process Management software is your way of streaming to greater efficiency. Questys WorkStream provides for tasks to be passed from electronic inbox to inbox until project completion promoting responsibility, accountability, and increased productivity. It can greatly increase your business processes by maximizing the efficiency of your workforce.

Questys WorkStream business process management software provides your organization with all the tools necessary to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. At any moment, project managers can view the overall status of all projects currently underway, a task by task status of a single project, or even the workload of a specific individual. What’s more, Questys WorkStream provides for full accountability in any work process.

Our workflow software is available both as an on-premise (purchased) solution and a on-demand (SaaS) service.

Questys WFx is the BPM software that will help your operation become more efficient while cutting your operational costs.