Networking Hardware / Accessories

Networking / Accessories

Did you know USA Datafax Inc is now offers a variety of networking hardware and accessories?  Our partnerships with leading brands like Cisco, Sonicwall, and HP let us provide the tools you need to run a secure, fast network. 

Also take a look at the best Surge Protection in the industry provided by ESP.  Why risk your valuable hardware by ignoring the greatest threat - power surges?

Importance of Protection

It is a common misconception that power is compatible with today's sensitive electronic equipment. Most micro-processor equipment contains sensitive components that rely on quality power to function appropriately.

Because utility grade power, supplied by most power companies, is antiquated technology, electrical surges, spikes, noise, and other "dirty power" disruptions can easily travel through the power/AC line, and "confuse" the sophisticated circuitry of your equipment. This causes machine malfunction, lock-ups, false error codes, down time, system crashes, service calls, board failures, and catastrophic physical damage.

What does all this mean for you and your business?

Increased service expenses (constant system resets), loss of productivity, and catastrophic equipment damage. With the advancing technology in today's digital age, protecting your systems with proactive power filtration and protection is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.