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USA Datafax knows facsimile. We started in 1985 providing fax only products to major accounts nationwide. Today the industry has shifted away from fax only products into Multi-Functional all in one products that include scan and network print etc. These can be great if you need those features but what if you don’t?

We offer a great selection of fax based products from small personal faxes to high volume business class models. Because of our large rental base we have a huge inventory of low meter, reconditioned faxes as well.

Check out some of our fax based products from Brother, Canon, and Samsung. When shopping for fax products, important features to pay attention to are modem speed, automatic document feed capacity (how many pages can you fax at once), paper capacity and number of paper cassettes, fax memory (how many faxes are stored if the machine is out of paper or toner or has a problem) and one-touch or programmable numbers. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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